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Learn how we are using A.I. Technology & Human Expertise to help companies like yours predictably drive qualified leads, book appointments, close deals, hire top talent, and generate more revenue than ever.

Susan Lee Steele


Great company—they seem to be a step ahead with their “forward thinking” approach. Joshua Fleming is upright and honest with his business dealings and it’s much appreciated.

Steve Lumpkin


I would highly recommend Local Digital Buzz they went above and beyond for my co.. Josh and his team worked with me to understand my business needs.
If you would like to grow your business give these guys a call.

Kevin Mohler


This company and owner are amazing. I’ve worked with Joshua on many different projects over the course of many years. To say he is a marketing genius is an understatement.

Antwan Lawrence


The Local Digital Buzz team is a step above the rest. They work to understand your business needs and leverage this information to develop a personalized marketing solution that meets your customer acquisition goals. They don’t pressure you to up sale and always keep the customer’s needs as priority #1

Stacey Barnes


Joshua walked me through several aspects of my business. He wears lots of different hats and has a broad knowledge base in many areas! I will use them again!

Jim Thomas


What a great organization. Joshua Fleming is at the top of his field. When you combine integrity and results, you have a winner. I’m glad we’re all working together. If you can get Joshua Fleming, get him!

Kevin M Schwartz

#1 Hands down!
You will be more than pleased with the integrity, knowledge, and product.

The “A” Team at its Best!

Richard Judge


Will help you with the personal touch. unlike some business that treat you like a pre-cut cookie.